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War Plan Orange Mod by TankerAce

War in the Mediterranean Mod (WITM) by Fremen

War in the Med Nikmod

Preliminary version of Fremen's WitM 1.2+ conversion to NikMod sets



Tanaka's scenario

Tankerace's scenario

Description : This mod is a complete USN (plus some RN and RAN) ship graphics mod. Also are scenarios that take effect of the graphics. How the mod works is when you refit a ship, if it is a major refit, the ship graphic changes. So, for a Colorado class BB for instance, in the '42 refits you see the Aft Cage mast cut down to a small tower and the turret catapaults removed. If you procced with the last refit (a la the USS West Virginia 1944), then the cage masts are removed, and a South Dakota like tower is installed.

A few of the USN BBs (Nevada and Tennessee Classes) will be in their MS 21 camo as at Pearl Harbor. The entire hull and superstructure was grey, but the amsts from funnel cap up were painted white.

In addition, on 90% of the USN ships, all final refits from '43 on put the ships in MS 43 Camo scheme, which is a late war scheme of Blue from the height of the stem on the side, and battleship grey on all structures above. A Screenshot follows (this is from when the mod premiered, back in July).

This mod includes the following scenarios :


Lemurs Scenario

Nikademus Scenario
Just check the FAQ file enclosed in each zip file for a comprehensive list of all the changes. The main differences between the 9.2 and the 9.2b versions are the major change to Japanese aircraft industry included in the 9.2 version (and removed in the 9.0b and the 9.2b).

Feinder Scenario

Big B Scenario
These are plane art updates for B-Mod 1.4 by Cathartes. When the appropriate game date arrives, Allied Aircraft art may be changed by substituting these files.  

        Big B thought it might it may be a good idea to have a short scenario to let players see how his mod works in combat, so he re-created the Coral Sea Battle scenario (and added what he found was missing) for both Stock Map (scen 195) and the Andrew Brown Map (scen 194).
with the design notes file for these scenarios

Scenario v1.4

Paul & Ross Scenario

Ben Schmidt Guadalcanal Scenario
The Latest revision includes : Australian 30 Squadron changed to Beaufighter Mk.Ic (plane has been added) with correct armament, corrected stats on Japanese and Allied warships, U.S. 43rd Infantry Divison arrives at the correct time, small seaplane tender Mackinac added (it was inexplicably missing from the scenario!), plus literally hundreds of other corrections to ships, ground forces, air groups, etc.....enjoy! :D

- Correction of Beaufighter rear machine guns once again (Vickers "K" was not correct on Aussie Mk.VIc, X, and 21 Beaus - Browning 0.303 is)
- Addition of the Australian destroyer Vendetta, which was available starting in 1943 after conversion to an A/A and A/S escort ship.
- A "What if" for head-to-head players. Or VS the computer, if either decides to ignore Guadalcanal and send heavy units to threaten Australia. The battleship Warspite, with escorts Emerald, Nizam, Nestor, and Hotspur, which were based at Colombo at the time and COULD have sortied if there was a major crisis in the SWPAC.
Version 3 read-me
- Corrections of armament on the Japanese Transport/AMC Kinryu Maru
- Corrections of the stats of many Japanese warships
- Made Mutsuki class DD's into APD's, but still armed with one triple bank of 24in torpedoes - as per the book "Destroyers of World War Two" by M.J. Whitley.
- Tinkered with Japanese naval gun stats - penetration and effect are same as always, but increased the Accuracy of many types - after all, the accuracy of a 20mm Oerlikon is 65, so why is the accuracy of a similarly-equipped Japanese 25mm mount 31? Increased this to 60...and many more changes along this line - Japanese AA will no longer be inaccurately pathetically ineffective - but still nowhere as good as American A/A outfits

Version 4 read-me 

making Rekata Bay "allied" so that the AVP Mackinac can set up home there along with elements of VP-23 on August 7th-8th as it did historically, correcting some minor armament facing errors with certain warships, and adding the APc's (small coastal transports) and Tulagi Supply Squadron - which abstractly represents a number of small craft and native boats commandeered to transfer supplies between Guadalcanal and Tulagi. Remember, historically, the APc's did not begin operations around Guadalcanal/Tulagi until November 1942, but they had to be added at the beginning because they will not "arrive" later on like with warships. Same goes for the PT boats. So to be accurate, do not use the first of the APc's until mid-November, and the first four PT boats became operational at Tulagi on October 12th.

Coral Sea Ambush Scenario
by Spence

Spence has modified the Stock Coral Sea Scenario (#3) postulating that for one reason or another the Japanese do not begin their attempt to capture Port Moresby by sea for approxiamately 1 week after their original May 1 start and TF 16 with Enterprise and Hornet (which were dispatched to the So Pac) arrive in the vicinity as the attempt begins.
Scenario 198:  Coral Sea Ambush (maybe)
Played on Stock Map
Japanese Reinforcements (doesn't really make a difference)
Allied Reinforcements (should be set to +/-15 or +/-60; fixed arrival of TF16 {2CV, 3CA,CL and 8DD} is 420507)
Game lasts 20 turns
Probably not suitable for play against Japanese AI.  Decent challenge against Allied AI.  Probably most interesting as PBEM or HtH.

Coral Sea Ambush Scenario

WPO Scenarios

This scenario is loosely based on the work of Hector Bywater, the Great Pacific War 1931. Major differences are that the war takes place in 1926 to 1930 and the Washington Naval talks failed. This means fewer carriers, more Dreadnaughts and Battlecruisers. I basically used Bywater to help setup the situation in Manchuria and China and redistributed the supply and fuel production. The Scenario Notes has a pretty comprehensive list of the changes.

Maps (for WITP & WPO)

    Andrew's Map Mod

    Subchaser's Map Mod v2.1

        With a sample here and here - and the readme here

    Subvchaser's Map Mod Mirror provided by Lee

    WPO Map

    AB MAP conversion for WPO by Pavel

    RocketMan Map Mod




    Scout1 Tools





Save Files

The goal of these "save files" is to provide called "standard save files" of the first turn preparation, allowing the players to save many hours during their first turn.

Andrew's Mod :

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