CHS Files

June 2007

Treespider's CHS v1.03 by Treespider

Changes include:

1.   A-24 replacement rate adjustment.
2. Introduction of Corsair I/II

3. Split of F6F Into F6F 3 and F6F-5
4. Adjustment to P-40E and Kittyhawk  replacement rates
5. Chindits para capable to simulate long range operations capabaility
6. Adjustment to the 56th ID strength
7. Other tweaks…

In addition to these files players will need to download JWE’s art package from AB’s site located here:

Update - March 2007

Japanese CHS Art set by JWE CHS ship graphics by Halsey

Previous file 

CHS 2 release - now in 2d

Helpful documents for CHS 1.0

CHS-Based scenario by David Freer 

CHS set of AP and AK graphic images by JWE
CHS planeside by Dixie

PS : for more information, please check the WITP scenario's area in the Matrix forum