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A brief site history

This fansite was created the 07/18/02 while I was anxiouly waiting for the new Uncommon Valor 1.2 patch. Since I did not want to begin a new game without the patch, I instead decided to create an Uncommon Valor fansite ... et voilà . After the WITP launch in july 2004, the site was moved to a new URL and began a new life thanks to the WITP community

But first of all, I would like to thank all the Matrix & 2by3 staff for their tremendous work on Uncommon Valor & WITP and the support they provide to the UV & WITP players.


About the Spooky's Uncommon Valor Fansite Team

- Spooky : a 34 years-old Marketing Product Manager in charge of security IT products (ex : firewalls, IDS solutions, anti-virus, ...) ... when he does not play an UV or WITP game !!!! - Please send me an e-mail if you have any remark/suggestion or anything else to tell me !